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1.  Did I need register as Membership?
Answer: You don’t need to register as membership by yourself. After we got your payment , we will give you one user name and password which you can use to study.
2.  How long can I use this website to study?
Answer: After we got your payment, you have one month to use this website. When using time is expire, you can contact us to prolong your using time, But it need second payment.
3.  All the questions is 100% match with real test? Can you guarantee to pass the exam?
Answer: We guarantee you the questions is 99% match with real test, if you study , Yes, you can pass the exam!
4.   What is the payment method?
Answer: The payment is RMB 300 for one month using time.  We prefer bank transfer or paypal.
Our bank information is:
Bank name: ICBC bank of china, Qingdao branch
Account number:9558803803101048084
Name: Zhou Yuan
Paypal: Maria_7696@yahoo.com.cn, if you use paypal, please pay RMB400(USD 65) for bank transaction fee.
5.   Did you also provide other agent services?
Answer:Yes! We are a professional agent company for six years, we have many experiences about dealing problems with car license and car matters. no matter which city you are.  Please view our agent service content or contact us directly!
6.   What if I don’t or can’t take exam, but I want to get the Chinese drive license?
Answer: for special cases, please contact us directly!
7.   What kind of documents should I prepare for the test?
Answer: the materials you need offer is :
a.Original passport (not less than 90 days stay visa);
b.Copy of passport with photo page and visa page;
c.Original and copy of the full valid foreign Driving License or International Driver Permit (less than 70 years old, and less than 50 years old for motorcycle); Need official translated
d.Registration form of Temporary Residence issued by local police station, the Police Stamp is required.
e. Two inch color pictures with white background, ears must be shown.
f. Your Chinese name and height.